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6 Easy Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

group of neighbors posing for a photo while enjoying food together

group of neighbors posing for a photo while enjoying food together

Building meaningful relationships with your neighbors can transform your living experience, creating a sense of belonging and truly making your neighborhood feel like home. Here are six easy ways to create connections with those who share your community.

1. Attend Neighborhood Events

One of the best ways to meet your neighbors is by getting involved in neighborhood events and activities. Many neighborhoods, including New Park, host gatherings throughout the year like National Night Out or family movie nights. These events offer the perfect opportunity to connect with your neighbors in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

2. Spread Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is a time of warmth and togetherness that provides a fantastic backdrop for connecting with your neighbors. Use this time to strengthen community bonds by sharing homemade treats or organizing a festive potluck dinner. You could even host a gingerbread house building contest that brings out the creative side in everyone!

3. Start a Neighborhood Group 

Discover common interests with your neighbors by starting or joining a neighborhood group. If you’re a bookworm at heart, consider joining or starting a book club. For those who love to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, a neighborhood walking group is a great option! Gardening circles are perfect for those who have green thumbs and a love for nurturing nature. If your passion is in the kitchen, consider starting a cooking club and taking turns hosting culinary adventures. The possibilities are endless!

4. Host an Open House

Hosting an open house event in your home is like extending a warm embrace to your neighbors, and it’s a delightful way to foster connections. Hosting a casual get-together is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere for your neighbors to unwind, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re a pro on the grill, consider hosting a cookout in your backyard! Or, take your open house to the next level with a themed party to add an element of fun and creativity.

5. Volunteer Together

There’s no better way to strengthen bonds than by giving back to the community! Organize a neighborhood volunteer day to clean up a local park, serve at a food bank, or support a cause that resonates with your community. Whether it’s a charity run, a fundraising event, or an effort to aid those affected by a crisis, working together for a higher purpose not only benefits those in need but also creates lasting memories of unity and compassion.

6. Build a Relationship With Your Neighbors

Sometimes, the simplest gestures make the biggest impact. When you see your neighbors, take a moment to offer a friendly greeting and initiate a conversation. Ask about their day, share a funny story, or simply express interest in their lives. These everyday conversations can uncover shared interests, common experiences, and the foundations for lifelong friendships.

Whether you live in New Park or any other neighborhood, these friendly initiatives will help you cultivate connections that make your community feel like home. It’s all about creating a neighborhood where shared experiences become cherished memories and friendly faces are there to brighten your day.


New Park offers a beautiful backdrop for community activities in Montgomery, Alabama with neighborhood amenities like our private pool, serene lake, versatile clubhouse, playground, and scenic walking trail. Start building meaningful connections and experience the warmth of true community- contact us today!


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7 Essential Things to Do in Montgomery, Alabama

A body of water with a city in the background

If you’re considering a move to Montgomery, Alabama, you’re in for a treat! Our city has a lot to offer for everyone in the family. We’re here to introduce you to seven must-visit places that make Montgomery an amazing place to live. Whether you’re a newcomer, a longtime resident, or somewhere in between, read on to explore the top-rated attractions that define Montgomery.

1. Montgomery Zoo

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at the Montgomery Zoo, conveniently located just a quick 10-minute drive from downtown. This family-favorite destination spans 40 acres and is home to over 700 animals representing five continents. It features natural, barrier-free exhibits that allow you to peek into the habitats of creatures from around the world. While you’re there, be sure to take a ride on the Zoofari Skylift for amazing views of the zoo, say hello to a giraffe eye-to-eye at the Giraffe Encounter, enjoy hands-on fun at the Petting Zoo, and spend some time with the colorful residents of Parakeet Cove! 

2. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA)

Uncover the hidden gem that is the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts! MMFA has been enriching the lives of locals and visitors since its founding in 1930. Inside, you’ll uncover a captivating collection of over 4,000 works by American artists, spanning from the 18th century all the way up to modern times.  Don’t miss the ArtWorks Interactive Gallery, where art enthusiasts of all ages can engage with hands-on exhibits that explore the materials, ideas, and techniques behind each masterpiece. The best part? Admission is free– though donations are accepted and greatly appreciated. 

3. Alabama Shakespeare Festival (ASF)

Experience world-class live entertainment at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, one of the world’s largest Shakespeare festivals. ASF comes to life with 6-9 productions each season that feature a mix of genres and playwrights, ranging from timeless classics to modern dramas. What makes ASF even more special is its dedication to bringing Southern stories to life, infusing the stage with a unique charm. Whether you’re a seasoned theatergoer or you’re just looking for a fantastic night out in Montgomery, ASF is your ticket to an unforgettable evening that will leave you inspired and entertained.

4. Montgomery Biscuits Baseball

Historic Riverwalk Stadium is home to the Montgomery Biscuits, Montgomery’s very own AA Minor League Baseball Team. Before you settle into your seat to watch the game, take a leisurely stroll around the stadium’s open-air concourse and enjoy some signature biscuits (both sweet and savory). When it’s time to beat the heat, head over to the Club Car Bar for a refreshing Crafty Lefty Lemon Shandy. It’s the perfect combination for an unforgettable evening in Montgomery!

5. Alabama State Capitol

If you’re a history enthusiast, the Alabama State Capitol is a must-visit. Nestled in the heart of downtown Montgomery, this National Historic Landmark serves as a working museum that offers a glimpse into Alabama’s rich past and political journey. Here, you can stand right where the Confederacy was born, as well as where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic “How Long, Not Long” speech at the end of the third march from Selma to Montgomery. A visit to the Capitol building is a journey through time that will give you a deeper understanding of Alabama’s pivotal role in shaping our nation’s story.

6. EJI Legacy Museum and Memorial

Situated on the grounds of a former warehouse where Black individuals were once subjected to forced labor and near a historical slave auction site, The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration is a powerful narrative museum that explores America’s history of racial injustice. After checking out the museum, carve out time to visit the nearby National Memorial for Peace and Justice. The memorial features hundreds of suspended steel columns engraved with the names of U.S. counties where lynchings occurred. It’s an essential experience that sheds light on a dark chapter of our nation’s past and calls for reflection on our ongoing journey toward justice and equality.

7. Montgomery Whitewater

Located minutes from downtown Montgomery along the scenic banks of the Alabama River, Montgomery Whitewater is a 120-acre outdoor adventure park that offers a variety of guided and unguided paddling activities for all skill levels. Whether you’re an expert or a whitewater beginner, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, from the exhilarating Competition Channel to the more serene Creek Channel. Gear up and get ready for a thrilling day on the water!

Ready to make Montgomery your home sweet home in the vibrant New Park community? Contact New Park today to explore a range of beautiful homes for sale and discover why it’s the perfect neighborhood for you! 


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Maintaining an Organized Home: 8 Daily Habits for a Clutter-Free Life

a person decluttering their home and sorting clothes into boxes

a person decluttering their home and sorting clothes into boxes

Are you tired of starting your day in a disorganized space? If so, it’s time to embrace a fresh start and transform your environment! We’ve compiled a list of our top decluttering tips that you can work into your daily routine.

1. Begin Each Day with a Fresh Start.

Taking a few minutes each morning to reset your space will help you set a positive tone for the day and keep an organized mindset. The easiest place to start is with making your bed– it instantly tidies up the room and sets the stage for a productive day. After that, try quickly scanning your surroundings and putting misplaced items back where they belong to eliminate the gradual accumulation of clutter. Opening up your curtains to let in natural light is a great way to finish your morning decluttering routine and boost your mood. 

2. Conquer Clutter Hotspots.

We all have at least one spot in our home that tends to attract clutter despite our best efforts to keep it organized. It might be your kitchen counter, the coffee table that becomes a dumping ground for random objects, or even that one chaotic drawer in your bedside table. Set aside a few minutes each day to declutter and reclaim at least one of these problem areas. Making a habit of keeping your clutter hotspots tidied will ultimately make it easier to maintain order in all areas of your home. 

3. Take 10-Minute Decluttering Breaks.

Finding time to tackle clutter on a regular basis can feel impossible or overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Carving out just 10 minutes each day to focus on decluttering a specific area like a shelf or closet makes a huge difference in the long run. The key here is to choose a manageable task that you can tackle within the allotted time. Remember: With each 10-minute decluttering break, you get a little closer to the organized home of your dreams! 

4. Invest in Storage Solutions.

Setting up your home so that each item has a designated spot will help tame the chaos and make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Storage bins, baskets, and shelves are your secret weapons against clutter. Use them to do a daily round up of loose toys, cables, or other small items. With an endless variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, you can easily match your decluttering solutions to your home decor aesthetic

5. Get the Family Involved.

Organizing can be a powerful tool for teaching responsibility, instilling good habits, and fostering a sense of pride in maintaining a clean living space.

Assigning daily age-appropriate decluttering tasks to each family member is an effective way to get everyone involved in keeping your home in order. For example, toddlers and preschoolers can be tasked with putting their toys in bins and placing their books on bookshelves. Older kids and teens can help with everything from making their beds each morning to putting away groceries. 

6. Create a Landing Zone.

Say goodbye to frantic searches and clutter scattered throughout your living space! Find a designated spot near the entrance of your home, whether it’s a small table, shelf, or catch-all tray, to become your landing zone (also known as a “drop zone”). 

This is the spot where you can drop your keys, wallet, and other everyday essentials when you walk through the door. If you want to take it a step further and really customize your landing zone, add hooks for hanging coats or bags, a small basket for mail, or a charging station for your devices. 

7. Embrace the “One In, One Out” Rule.

For every new item that you bring into your home, let go of something similar. Got a new pair of shoes? Donate or sell an older pair. This is a simple strategy to stay balanced and prevent your belongings from overwhelming your space. It also encourages you to be more intentional about your purchases since you have to consider which item you will give up every time you buy something new. 

8. Master the Art of Mindful Consumption.

Practicing mindful consumption empowers you to make intentional purchases and prevents the accumulation of unnecessary items that can contribute to a cluttered living space. Try to start focusing more on the long-term impact a purchase will have on your living space and overall well-being. Invest in well-made, long-lasting products to minimize the need for constant replacement and accumulation.

Maintaining an organized and clutter-free home all starts with small, daily habits that add up to a significant impact. At New Park, a master-planned neighborhood in East Montgomery, Alabama, you’ll discover the perfect setting to put these decluttering tips into practice.

Whether you’re a growing family, empty nester, young couple, or first-timer, New Park has the perfect home for you. Contact us today to explore available homes or lots


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