Month: June 2014

New Park Home Builder: Hugh Cole Builder, Inc.

Hugh Cole Builder, Inc.

New Park proudly collaborates with a selection of reputable and skilled new home builders in Montgomery, Alabama. Among these builders stands Hugh Cole Builder, Inc.

With over 33 years of experience in home building, Hugh Cole is a trusted name. His active involvement with the Greater Montgomery Home Builders Association and his past leadership roles highlight his commitment to excellence. Having served as president of GMHBA in both 1986 and 2010, Hugh’s reputation extends beyond the local level. His recognition in the Home Builders Association of Alabama’s Hall of Fame in 2004 speaks to his outstanding contributions.

Hugh Cole Builder, Inc. is dedicated to crafting homes that align with your lifestyle, preferences, and unique taste with impeccable craftsmanship and versatile floor plans. This dedication is rooted in the aspiration to provide homeowners with exceptional homes at the best possible price point.

Why Build Your New Home in New Park?

With its prime location in Montgomery, Alabama and an unparalleled list of neighborhood amenities, New Park offers the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and community. Ready to embark on your home building journey? If you have questions about Hugh Cole Builder, Inc. or any of the builders in the New Park Builders Guild, we’re here to help!

Contact New Park today to get all the answers you need and start building your new home in Montgomery, Alabama.



27 Ideas for Decorating Your Primary Bathroom

examples of primary bathrooms in new park
examples of primary bathrooms in new park

Transform your primary bathroom into a serene sanctuary with these 27 inspiring ideas!

At New Park, we’ve witnessed the magic of these tips come to life in our own new homes, where luxury meets comfort. Dive into these decorating suggestions to design the perfect escape within your new home.

  1. Choose a calming color palette, such as soft neutrals or soothing blues, to set the tone for relaxation.
  2. Upgrade your shower experience with a rainfall showerhead or spa-like features.
  3. Incorporate natural elements like wood accents or stone tiles for a tranquil ambiance.
  4. Maximize storage space with clever built-in shelving or under-sink organizers.
  5. Layer lighting for a cozy atmosphere, combining task lighting with soft overhead lights.
  6. Invest in plush bath linens and rugs for added comfort and luxury.
  7. Install a freestanding bathtub as a luxurious focal point.
  8. Embrace minimalism with sleek fixtures and clean lines.
  9. Add personality with decorative accents like artwork or scented candles.
  10. Create a spa-like atmosphere with indulgent amenities like heated floors or towel warmers.
  11. Opt for easy-to-clean materials like porcelain or quartz countertops.
  12. Incorporate smart storage solutions to keep clutter at bay.
  13. Make a statement with bold tile patterns or intricate designs.
  14. Upgrade to a double vanity for added convenience, especially in shared spaces.
  15. Coordinate hardware finishes and accessories for a cohesive look.
  16. Bring in natural light with skylights or large windows.
  17. Include a built-in bench or seating area for relaxation.
  18. Experiment with texture by mixing different materials.
  19. Integrate smart home technology with smart mirrors or digital controls.
  20. Ensure proper ventilation to maintain air quality.
  21. Add greenery with indoor plants for a touch of nature.
  22. Create a spa-like experience with aromatherapy diffusers or scented candles.
  23. Incorporate mirrors to enhance natural light and create the illusion of space.
  24. Consider a statement lighting piece, such as a chandelier or pendant light.
  25. Upgrade your bathroom hardware for a polished finish.
  26. Personalize the space with your favorite artwork or photographs.
  27. Lastly, don’t forget to declutter regularly to maintain a serene atmosphere.

Contact us today to learn more about finding your dream home at New Park! Explore the endless possibilities of luxurious living in Montgomery, Alabama and start envisioning the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.