Month: July 2023

New Park Voted a Neighborhood Fave in Nextdoor’s 2023 Local Business Awards


MONTGOMERY, AL | July 20, 2023 – New Park has been named to the winning list of Nextdoor’s 2023 Neighborhood Faves, the only annual awards where neighbors vote to celebrate their favorite local businesses. This year, Neighborhood Fave winners like New Park will receive greater visibility and ranking on the Nextdoor app as well as a sticker to showcase their win in the real world.

“Neighbors know best, and Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Faves are the only annual awards celebrating the businesses that are most loved by locals. This prestigious recognition is only awarded to 1% of the local businesses on Nextdoor and is a testament to the positive impact they have had on their community,” said Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar.

Used by one in three households in the US, Nextdoor is the neighborhood network where verified neighbors and businesses connect to the neighborhoods that matter to them.

The complete list of winning businesses in each city is available at Join the neighborhood network by downloading the Nextdoor app or visiting

Introducing: New Park’s Little Free Library

new park little free library

At New Park, we believe in building strong communities and fostering a love for reading. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the installation of our very own “Little Free Library” at the Gatehouse.

What is Little Free Library?

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota dedicated to expanding book access and building community through their global network of volunteer-led book-exchange boxes. The mission of Little Free Library is simple yet powerful: to provide 24/7 book access, inspire readers, and create a sense of community. Their book-sharing boxes are open to everyone, removing barriers to book access and encouraging a love of reading.

How Does the Little Free Library Work?

The Little Free Library at New Park is a book-sharing hub where you can donate books you no longer need and find new reads to enjoy. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s something for everyone. Take a book that catches your interest, and feel free to leave a book behind for someone else to enjoy. The library is conveniently located just outside the Gatehouse, providing easy access for all.

Join us in promoting literacy, community, and the joy of reading. Donate your books, discover new stories, and be a part of making our neighborhood a friendlier and more inclusive place. Visit our Little Free Library at the Gatehouse today and let the magic of books inspire you!

Maintaining an Organized Home: 8 Daily Habits for a Clutter-Free Life

a person decluttering their home and sorting clothes into boxes

a person decluttering their home and sorting clothes into boxes

Are you tired of starting your day in a disorganized space? If so, it’s time to embrace a fresh start and transform your environment! We’ve compiled a list of our top decluttering tips that you can work into your daily routine.

1. Begin Each Day with a Fresh Start.

Taking a few minutes each morning to reset your space will help you set a positive tone for the day and keep an organized mindset. The easiest place to start is with making your bed– it instantly tidies up the room and sets the stage for a productive day. After that, try quickly scanning your surroundings and putting misplaced items back where they belong to eliminate the gradual accumulation of clutter. Opening up your curtains to let in natural light is a great way to finish your morning decluttering routine and boost your mood. 

2. Conquer Clutter Hotspots.

We all have at least one spot in our home that tends to attract clutter despite our best efforts to keep it organized. It might be your kitchen counter, the coffee table that becomes a dumping ground for random objects, or even that one chaotic drawer in your bedside table. Set aside a few minutes each day to declutter and reclaim at least one of these problem areas. Making a habit of keeping your clutter hotspots tidied will ultimately make it easier to maintain order in all areas of your home. 

3. Take 10-Minute Decluttering Breaks.

Finding time to tackle clutter on a regular basis can feel impossible or overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Carving out just 10 minutes each day to focus on decluttering a specific area like a shelf or closet makes a huge difference in the long run. The key here is to choose a manageable task that you can tackle within the allotted time. Remember: With each 10-minute decluttering break, you get a little closer to the organized home of your dreams! 

4. Invest in Storage Solutions.

Setting up your home so that each item has a designated spot will help tame the chaos and make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Storage bins, baskets, and shelves are your secret weapons against clutter. Use them to do a daily round up of loose toys, cables, or other small items. With an endless variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, you can easily match your decluttering solutions to your home decor aesthetic

5. Get the Family Involved.

Organizing can be a powerful tool for teaching responsibility, instilling good habits, and fostering a sense of pride in maintaining a clean living space.

Assigning daily age-appropriate decluttering tasks to each family member is an effective way to get everyone involved in keeping your home in order. For example, toddlers and preschoolers can be tasked with putting their toys in bins and placing their books on bookshelves. Older kids and teens can help with everything from making their beds each morning to putting away groceries. 

6. Create a Landing Zone.

Say goodbye to frantic searches and clutter scattered throughout your living space! Find a designated spot near the entrance of your home, whether it’s a small table, shelf, or catch-all tray, to become your landing zone (also known as a “drop zone”). 

This is the spot where you can drop your keys, wallet, and other everyday essentials when you walk through the door. If you want to take it a step further and really customize your landing zone, add hooks for hanging coats or bags, a small basket for mail, or a charging station for your devices. 

7. Embrace the “One In, One Out” Rule.

For every new item that you bring into your home, let go of something similar. Got a new pair of shoes? Donate or sell an older pair. This is a simple strategy to stay balanced and prevent your belongings from overwhelming your space. It also encourages you to be more intentional about your purchases since you have to consider which item you will give up every time you buy something new. 

8. Master the Art of Mindful Consumption.

Practicing mindful consumption empowers you to make intentional purchases and prevents the accumulation of unnecessary items that can contribute to a cluttered living space. Try to start focusing more on the long-term impact a purchase will have on your living space and overall well-being. Invest in well-made, long-lasting products to minimize the need for constant replacement and accumulation.

Maintaining an organized and clutter-free home all starts with small, daily habits that add up to a significant impact. At New Park, a master-planned neighborhood in East Montgomery, Alabama, you’ll discover the perfect setting to put these decluttering tips into practice.

Whether you’re a growing family, empty nester, young couple, or first-timer, New Park has the perfect home for you. Contact us today to explore available homes or lots


Plus: Alabama Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday

Alabama’s next tax free-holiday is July 21-23! Don’t miss out on this chance to stock up on back-to-school essentials. Click here to see if your county is participating, and click here to see which purchases qualify.