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MONTGOMERY, AL | June 1, 2023 – Construction and development is complete on the next phase at New Park.  New Park is a 1,110 acre master-planned community that began in 2008 with over 180 residential lots and has since grown to over 330 lots with development expansions in 2014 and 2016.  Now the development is growing again.  Developer, Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC (JWA) has expanded the residential project, to offer 30 additional new residential lots that allow customers to select beautiful, livable and affordable home designs.  Marketed by Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC (JWA), lots are now available for purchase.  Contact the New Park Sales Office (334-215-9215) for more information regarding lot reservations and builders.

New Park, a family friendly community, located on Park Crossing in East Montgomery between Taylor Road and Ray Thorington Road, features a sparkling lake, beautiful landscaping, a neighborhood pool with a small splash pad, The GateHouse, ParkPlayce and ParkPath – a 1 mile walking trail around Chastain Lake.  New Park also offers outstanding access to nearby retail, restaurants, schools and the James W. Wilson YMCA.  New Park is perfect for whatever age or stage of life you are in – growing families with kids, empty nesters, young couples, first-timers, downsizers, or upsizers.  For more New Park information, visit

Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC, based in Montgomery, Alabama, has developed and managed a wide array of properties throughout the eastern United States, including Class A office buildings, hotels, residential communities and millions of square feet of premier shopping space. These experiences have brought knowledge and expertise that have generated new investment opportunities in capital, hospitality and gaming ventures as well. As a result, JWA’s services are expanding through the formation of partnerships and companies, including 42 Equity Partners and A&W Enterprises, LLC.  JWA was founded by Jim Wilson, Jr. and today is led by his son, Jim Wilson, Will Wilson, and a well-established team of talented and experienced professionals.  For more information about Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC, visit

Montgomery, Alabama Ranks No. 1 as Most Affordable for Home Buyers

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As affordability becomes an even tighter squeeze, WalletHub has compared 300 U.S. cities across 10 metrics to find the most affordable places for home buyers. The study ranked Montgomery, Alabama, as the most affordable city for buyers.

The 10 metrics used to evaluate each city were housing affordability (median house price divided by median annual household income), maintenance affordability, average cost of homeowner’s insurance, cost of living, cost per square foot, real estate tax rate, rent-to-price ratio, median home price appreciation, quarterly active listings per capita, and vacancy rate.

The top 10 for overall affordability include:

  1. Montgomery, Alabama
  2. Flint, Michigan
  3. Toledo, Ohio
  4. Detroit
  5. Akron, Ohio
  6. Warren, Michigan
  7. Pittsburgh
  8. Yuma, Arizona
  9. Springfield, Illinois
  10. Palm Bay, Florida

In terms of the housing affordability metric alone, Springfield, Illinois, ranked No. 1, followed by Peoria, Illinois; Montgomery; Detroit; and Flint. The least affordable cities, according to WalletHub, include California’s Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Glendale, and Los Angeles.

Looking at vacancy rates, Miami Beach, Florida, has the highest rate, followed by Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Detroit; Pompano Beach, Florida; and Flint. The lowest vacancy rates are in South Gate, California; Elk Grove, California; Fontana, California; and Arvada, Colorado.



This article was written by Leah Draffen for Builder Online. To view the original article, please visit:

Top 7 Home Decor Trends to Elevate Your Space

living room in a new home demonstrating the top decor trends of curved edges and natural materials

living room in a new home demonstrating the top decor trends of curved edges and natural materials

Whether you’ve just moved into your new house in Montgomery, Alabama or you’ve been happily nested for a while, it’s the perfect time to dive into the top trends in home decor!

From sustainable design to bold walls and statement lighting, let’s discover the key home decor trends that will elevate your living space by making it more stylish and inviting.

1. Sustainable Design.

Embrace the beauty of recyclable, reclaimed, and repurposed materials that not only add character to your space but also minimize your environmental impact. Think salvaged wood furniture, vintage treasures, and upcycled accents that give your home that one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly charm.

2. Curves and Rounded Edges.

Bring elegance and warmth into your home with furniture and decor featuring smooth lines and rounded edges. Consider incorporating curved sofas, round coffee tables, and arched mirrors to introduce a contemporary aesthetic to your living spaces. It’s all about bringing comfort and style together! 

3. Natural Materials.

Add a touch of timeless beauty to your home with natural materials. Opt for furniture and decor items crafted from wood, stone, wool, linen, and rattan. These materials bring a touch of nature indoors while infusing your home with a cozy feel.

4. Statement Lighting.

From eye-catching chandeliers to unique lamps, the right lighting can transform any space. Experiment with bold designs and unconventional materials to create a focal point that complements your personal style and enhances the overall ambiance of your home.

5. Bold Walls.

Bold walls are a great way to infuse personality into your home decor and create visual interest! Make a statement with saturated paint colors or patterned and textured wallpapers. Explore deep blues, vibrant greens, or warm earthy tones that reflect your unique personality and make your home stand out. 

6. Mixed Metals.

Incorporate a touch of glam and sophistication by blending different metals in your home decor. Whether it’s through hardware, decor accents, or lighting fixtures, mixing metals like gold, silver, and bronze can add depth and visual interest to your spaces. Let your creativity shine as you play with various finishes and textures to find the perfect balance! 

7. Stain-Resistant Materials.

We all know life can get a little busy, especially in a family-friendly neighborhood like New Park. When selecting upholstery, linens, and rugs, opt for high-performance and stain-resistant materials. No more stressing over spills or paw prints– these materials have got you covered. 

These top home decor trends will help you transform your house into a haven that reflects your personal style. Get inspired, have fun, and let your imagination run wild!

Contact our friendly team to learn more about the available houses, neighborhood amenities, and unique lifestyle New Park provides. We’re here to help you find your perfect home!

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