A planned community is a neighborhood that was thought about carefully by the developers before the first streets and lots were designed. These are usually HOA neighborhoods where each homeowner shares ownership of neighborhood amenities and can participate in community governance. Developers often place planned communities near good schools and popular shopping districts to make the residential lifestyle more enjoyable. 

The New Park community has grown since the first houses were built in 2008, quickly filling with new homes as the fastest growing neighborhood in East Montgomery. There are still new homes under construction and lots available to be built on.



Master Planned HOA Communities | New Park

The Benefits of Living in a Master-Planned Community

A master-planned community has been designed for beauty, safety, and convenience. There are usually schools, shopping, and restaurants close enough to walk or bike and always in range of a short, comfortable drive. Master-planned communities work to create an entire suburban lifestyle that everyone from within can enjoy. 

Whether building a family, establishing an HQ, or settling in for comfortable years at home, a master-planned community seeks to provide everything you need nearby. 

Why Buying a New Home Is Better

Being the first owner of a home is a uniquely rewarding experience. Every little decision curates the home to your style. You are the first to sleep in the bedrooms and cook in the kitchen. New homes have no lingering maintenance issues, and the appliances are always sparkling brand new.

Many home materials, appliances, and building structures are also under warranty, which is always a plus.

Planned Communities Are Often a Better Investment

A planned community is also guaranteed to age more gracefully than a more organically grown neighborhood. The HOA management holds all homeowners to the same maintenance and elegance standards for their homes. You can also rest assured that the neighborhood playground will never go untended, the pool will always be clean for summer swims, and there will always be a few events every year.

Home values tend to maintain and rise steadily with the market in a planned community, making new homes a valuable investment.

The New Park Life Is the Life You Dream

Are you looking for a beautiful new construction home in East Montgomery, AL? The New Park neighborhood has been growing since 2008, and there are still lots available for new homeowners to become a part of the New Park community . Now is the perfect time to secure a home near the beautiful Chastain Lake and ParkPath walking trail as part of an elegant community.

New Park features green space throughout the neighborhood, which smoothly arcs into a long pathway along Chastain Lake with five exercise equipment stops for daily fitness. Near the clubhouse, you will find the community pool and playground with a beautiful view of the lake and landscaped entrance to the community.

We invite you to come take a tour of our incredible amenities to get an inside look at your potential new neighborhood.

New Park is also strategically located near schools and some of East Montgomery’s best shopping and restaurants. Buying a new home will give you the prestige and luxury of being the first homeowner in the space while enjoying the beautifully manicured neighborhood and shared community spaces.

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