James W Wilson Jr YMCA | New Park

The James W. Wilson, Jr. YMCA celebrated its Grand Opening on Monday, Oct. 12, 2009 at 4:30 pm, marking a significant milestone in Montgomery’s community. This achievement was made possible through years of planning, hard work, and the generous support of the Wilson Family and the Montgomery community. Originally conceived as part of the needs assessment for the 2005 Capital Campaign, the project gained momentum under the leadership of Dr. CC Baker and Knox Kershaw. With Ray Petty’s guidance, the YMCA surpassed its capital campaign goal, allowing for the development of new facilities and upgrades across Montgomery. The James W. Wilson, Jr. YMCA, located in New Park, became the 15th YMCA location in the Montgomery Area.

The Wilson Family’s visionary leadership was instrumental in bringing this project to life. From the outset, Big Jim Wilson aimed to provide neighborhood YMCA facilities in high-growth areas. Collaborating with James W. Wilson, Jr. Elementary School and YMCA volunteer Ken Upchurch, the YMCA was designed to foster a nurturing environment for students and families in New Park.

“With the opening of this wonderful new YMCA, we are pleased to continue our father’s legacy of touching families and future generations of Montgomery,” said Jim Wilson, III, former CEO of Jim Wilson & Associates. Will Wilson, President of Jim Wilson & Associates, said, “Our vision is that the Wilson YMCA will become the heart of New Park, providing a place for the community to come together and promote positive values and healthy lifestyles.” Bob McGaughey, former President of the Montgomery YMCA, expressed gratitude for the Wilson Family’s support, which allowed the YMCA to thrive despite economic challenges.

The James W. Wilson, Jr. YMCA offers a wide range of features and amenities to promote wellness and community engagement. 

  • Fitness equipment and group classes
  • Personalized training with certified trainers
  • Free equipment orientation and fitness consultations
  • Outdoor splash pad
  • Basketball court
  • YFL – YMCA Flag Football League
  • Preschool Little Kickers Soccer 

As you explore the YMCA’s offerings, consider making New Park your home and experiencing the vibrant community firsthand.

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