New Park has an array of the most respected and experienced New Home Builders in Alabama.  Excel Construction, LLC is one of those builders.

Robert Nelson, founder and CEO of Excel Construction, LLC has been in the home building and remodeling industry for 30 plus years.  Excel Construction focuses on custom design and unmatched qualtiy.  Excel Construction has built an outstanding reputation based on attention to detail and exceptional customer service.  The company’s philosophy of building a spacious, family-friendly, yet comfortably stylish home at an affordable price has everything to do with you, the customer.

The company’s dedication to excellence is shown in the many neighborhoods they have built in across Alabama and the Southeast.  Everything Excel Construction does comes down to one basic principle: When you care, it shows.  One of their greatest rewards is contributing to a family’s joy on the memorable day they move into their NEW home.

Excel Construction’s four commitments to their customers are Uniqueness, Style, Choice, and Value.

New Park offers an array of the areas most respected and experienced Home Builders in Montgomery, Alabama and New Homes Montgomery, Alabama, with a comprehensive range of new house designs and packages.  Visit us today!